Our Story

We have been living in Hong Kong for the past 15 years. 

After exploring and embracing our city every day, we soon realized the major growing problem of air pollution. Eventually, we decided to stop turning a blind eye and find a solution!

After conducting research, we still found that there were no stylish, functional or reliable products that kept us protected nor resembled our passion for urban experiences. We needed a product that would amplify how we experienced our city. So, we surrounded ourselves with the best engineers, fashion and industrial designers in the field. Finally, after 2 years of careful development and construction, Akmon was born!

Akmon is a pure urban brand. 

To us, riding motorcycles has always been about freedom, inspiration and an invitation to explore the city around us. Riding motorcycles was always a way we bonded with friends. Already since we were young air pollution has been a pressing matter. At that time, it didn’t occur to us to look for protection. Wearing a mask wasn’t an option. We even found ourselves using our own clothes to cover our nose and mouth while driving in a tunnel! 

Today, many have become accustomed to wearing masks. To the point that health conscious individuals even feel exposed without one. For them, it has become a habit and a daily necessity to feel protected.

It’s fair to say that we developed Akmon for ourselves, but we soon realized that many had the same feelings. The overwhelming support for this concept strengthened our conviction that it was the right moment to create a new brand.

Akmon. This is our adventure.

Paul & Clement