How to Wear

Get to grips with the basics on how to wear and setup your Akmon in style.

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How to wear

When putting the Akmon mask on your face, first ensure that it sits comfortably on the bridge of your nose, before you take the adjustable straps around your face, underneath your ears and fasten them at the back of your neck. Try not to tighten the mask too much, as this will restrict your side-to-side head movements. Pinch the nosepiece to your own comfort and ensure that your mask is sealed properly. You are now ready to go!

Changing Filters

From the inside of the mask pull the side of the valves as indicated by the arrows. Pull each valve apart and set them aside. Remove the filter and retrieve your clean replacement filter. Ensure the filter is the right way around and that the holes of the fabric and filter are aligned before pushing the filter into the lining of the mask. Secure the valves back in place and you are ready to continue your journey!
sketch explaining how to install valves of your akmon mask

Installing Valves

Retrieve one of the valves, from the picture you can see the side that should be on the exterior of the mask, insert it into the front face of the mask. Hold the valve firmly in place and turn the mask over. Take the lower part of the valve (with the tab) and place it onto the underside of the valve. Press both faces of the valve firmly together until you feel three clicks, this will ensure it is securely in place. Repeat this process for the second valve.
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