What's in the air?

Major Components

Monoxide particles are produced by incomplete combustion and vehicle exhaust
Ozone particles are emitted during the combustion of fossil fuels
These particles are polluting the air through car exhaust, electric power plants, the burning of various fuels, cigarette smoking...

The generic name used for particles that exist in the air around us.

It exists in 2 different sizes:

PM10 - Inhalable particles of 10 micrometers and less (Dust, Pollen, Mold...etc)

PM2.5 - Fine and inhalable particles of 2.5 micrometers and less (Combustion, Organic, Compounds, Metals...)

Toxic gas produced by the volcanic activity and from industrial processing plants - coal, oil, cement, metal, wood, copper, electric power plants...
Volatile organic compounds are compounds that contain carbon and can quickly turn into vapors or gases. They majorly come from burning gasoline or coal to solvents, glues, dry-cleaning products...

Where is it coming from?

Urban Activities
Natural Activity
Farming Chemicals

Health Effects

How to protect myself?

Avoid using your car - walk, bikes...
Avoid going out in case of extreme pollution - stay inside
Replace your air filters regularly - maintenance
Take a look at real-time Air Quality Index - Anticipate
Wear air pollution masks - filtering PM2.5
Go green!