Our mission is to design and develop the best protection against pollution that complements your personal style.

Akmon is a high quality, reliable and fashionable air pollution mask.

Our promise is to keep developing our masks, so that they remain on the cutting edge of air filtration and style.
At Akmon, we’re creating a relationship between people and the city. We believe the city is to be enjoyed and not to be turned away from.

Our goal is to place Akmon masks in all kinds of hands. But, best of all, Akmon empowers us to get back to what we love doing – safely: experiencing our city.

Akmon will help you fulfill your passions, whilst being protected with the most technically advanced product on the market. We want to bring innovation and inspiration to everyone living in cities around the world.
Our city and our world is working hard to change the way we live and clean the air.

So, until then, wear your Akmon – it will help you get from here to there.