Developed over 2 years, Akmon has been carefully constructed using the best technical materials to protect you against harmful pollutants.

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air pollution facemask akmon concept


The outer layer of the facemask is a composition of rayon, nylon and spandex, picked for their strong yet soft qualities, as well as their ability to stretch comfortably around your face to form the best seal. The inner layer of the facemask has been engineered with ‘CoolMax’ technology. This performance fabric is commonly used in the sports industry for its breathability, ‘moisture wicking’ and accelerated drying qualities.
filter composition air pollution facemask akmon concept


The filter is comprised of four layers. The heart of the filter is packaged between two protective layers, the Akmon outer layer and the double punch cotton inner layer. Both of these fabrics promote comfort and breathability. The two central layers of the filter consist of a carbon+ filter and an electrostatic layer. These layers are fused together to act as a barrier against germs, gases, pollen, dust, odours and the smallest harmful airborne viruses (PM2.5). All four layers have been laboratory tested to ensure that 95% of air pollutants are filtered upon inhalation.
valves components air pollution facemask akmon concept


Designed by German engineers, the valve has been crafted with an intricate level of detail. It allows for comfortable airflow and efficient air filtration. Upon inhalation, the internal membrane forces shut, pushing the air through the filter to ensure the pollutants are caught before entering your respiratory system. Upon exhalation, the membrane reopens to act as an exhaust. The small spikes inside the valve ensure the valve bites onto the surrounding fabric, providing maximum seal and protection from outside air. All this, and they can be easily be clipped on/off and come in two colour variations so you can mix and match your style!
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